New Zealand Window Shades
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Established in 1992, New Zealand Window Shades Ltd is a proven leader in the field of Interior and Exterior Window Furnishings whose mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through sales, manufacture and service of a comprehensive selection of window furnishing systems.

The company's strategy is to be both profitable and competitive by meeting and exceeding the needs of its customers in a way that promotes respect and mutual loyalty. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring the highest standards of product user safety and fitness for use, as well as complying with appropriate specifications, standards and statutes.

Commitment to quality is the responsibility of every employee. The process of training, publication of manuals and constant review of quality management systems benefits both employees and customers.

New Zealand Window Shades Ltd has developed relationships with international brand partners to ensure that New Zealand consumers are exposed to modern and fashionable window covering solutions as soon as they are practically available.

Eco Blinds The company is dedicated towards introducing new products and options that meet Green building regulations and that will comply with any legislation involved in creating an improved environment for current and future generations.

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