New Zealand Window Shades

This is a selection of our commercial cases

AUT Early Childhood Centre
Auckland, New Zealand

The objective was to overcome Auckland's fickle, changeable weather patterns and create an all-weather outside play zone by protecting the existing playground equipment and sand pit from the elements so the youngsters attending AUT's Early Childhood Centre could enjoy the facilities in any weather. With their expertise in outdoor awnings and sunscreens designed for Kiwi conditions, New Zealand Window Shades was selected for the project.

Drop down External Patio Sunscreens made from durable transparent PVC provided the ideal solution with their ability to let in the sunlight while keeping out the wind and rain. They could be attached with ease to the existing portico structure and their velcro edge design allowed the sunscreens to be joined completely from the top to the bottom of the screens, ensuring the children are kept safe and secure within. They also allowed for a great degree of flexibility, giving the option of opening just one panel for access or ventilation while keeping all the other screens in place.

The practicality and versatility of External Patio Sunscreens has proven to be popular with the children attending AUT's Early Childhood Centre as they can now have fun outdoors all year round, even when the weather isn't playing nicely.

Northridge Properties
Albany, New Zealand

When the tenant in Suite D of Northridge Properties' Apollo Drive development in Albany needed a flexible partition to separate their open plan office space from the kitchen area without putting in fixed walls, it was the perfect project for Panel Glides – one of the latest innovations to join the New Zealand Window Shades range.

Panel Glide sliding blinds can cover large expanses of up to 5 metres wide, making them well suited for large window areas, and, as in this case, equally adept as stylish, versatile room dividers.

Interior Designers have a wealth of fabric options available to them with everything from complete blackout to subtle light-diffusing Sunscreen materials to choose from. Panel Glide fabrics are colour fast and the range is mainly comprised of the latest 100% polyester and polymer coated glass fibre Sunscreens.

The Panel Glide system offers effortless, smooth, quiet operation. Each blind is suspended from premium extruded aluminium headrails that allow the sliding blinds to glide with the lightest of touches. Sliding can be controlled either by wand or cord operation. Depending on the number of blinds required, the discrete headrail track can be as little as 45mm wide x 28mm deep making it easy to create a highly flexible sliding visual barrier within a minimum amount of space.

BNZ Quay Park
Auckland, New Zealand

In line with the Bank of New Zealand's intention of becoming carbon neutral, when it came to fitting out their new offices in the Quay Park complex close to Auckland's Britomart waterfront precinct, their aim was to minimise the building's environmental impact.

The developer, Mansons TCLM, took the opportunity to improve on the building's original 4 Green Star target and, with a little help from New Zealand Window Shades, they were able achieve a 5 Green Star rating for the development's design, build and interior. Working in conjunction with the architectural firm Jasmax and Alaska Interiors, New Zealand Window Shades where tasked with creating environmentally sustainable blinds for the project.

Mermet's eco-friendly Vela Met fabric was selected to deliver a sustainable solution. The Vela and Vela Met range of fabrics have been independently certified by Ecospecifier to be in compliance with Australasian and international Green Star specifications. The Vela range is PVC-free. They're made without using harmful chemicals, making them a very safe option for any indoor work environment. They're made from ecologically-kinder materials which are easier to recycle and can be turned into a variety of reusable textiles. Vela Met also performs efficiently both thermally and optically, contributing to energy savings and comfort levels with its high solar reflectance, low solar transmittance and strong visible transmittance qualities.

Ultimately, the eco-friendly Vela Met blinds have contributed to a comfortable solution for the BNZ's 300 Quay Park staff members and the environment alike.

BNZ, Queen Street
Auckland, New Zealand

As a continuation of the Bank of New Zealand's ongoing commitment of becoming a carbon neutral company, the fit out of their offices in the Deloitte Centre on Queen Street saw them maintain the same high environmentally-conscious standards they'd set at their nearby Quay Park location on Auckland's waterfront. The Deloitte Centre became the first high rise building in New Zealand to be awarded 5 Green Stars under the new NZ Green Building Council’s Office Rating guidelines.

Once again, the expertise of New Zealand Window Shades was called upon for the manufacturing of eco-friendly blinds which were installed throughout the BNZ's 8 floors of office space.

As with the BNZ's Quay Park fit out, the specifications stipulated a PVC-free certified fabric. But for this project, the decision was made to work with fabric with a greater openness to the weave. Balance M fabric from the Green Screen range was chosen. Balance M fabrics are PVC-free and completely recyclable. The elimination of PVC content in their production ensures they do no emit any harmful volatile organic compounds. They offer high levels of sustainability whilst maintaining essential fire retardant characteristics. Balance M's open weave offers increased visibility with all the advantages of glare reduction and shading. The fabric's metallised finish reduces solar gain by up to 70%, contributing to the lowering of the building's overall Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) load.

Impressed with the aesthetics and performance of the BNZ's Green Screen Balance M blinds, for visual continuity and environmentally sustainable purposes, the project's New Zealand based architects, Warren and Mahoney, made the decision to complete the entire Deloitte Centre fit out using the same product.

Deloitte Centre, Queen Street
Auckland, New Zealand

Designed with the future in mind, the 21 storey Deloitte Centre on Queen Street in the heart of Auckland's CBD is a landmark office building. Brookfield Multiplex, the project's developers, ensured that sustainable design elements were integrated into every aspect of the building's design and construction.

A double ventilated facade, improved natural lighting, extensive metering of energy usage and water consumption, plus a rainwater harvesting system are just some of the eco initiatives incorporated into the building's design by the Australian architects Woods Bagot and their New Zealand architectural partners, Warren and Mahoney. The Deloitte Centre is the first high rise structure in the country to gain a 5 Green Star rating.

When it came to an environmentally-friendly solution for the blinds, the precedent had been established by New Zealand Window Shades with their fit out of the BNZ's office space within the building. Balance M fabric from the Green Screen range had been chosen for the BNZ's 8 floors of offices. Balance M is a PVC-free, fully recyclable material with outstanding solar thermal dynamic properties. It meets all the criteria for sustainability and delivers optimum visibility through its open weave. (Also see the review of our BNZ Queen Street commercial project.)

The architects approved of the product's environmental credentials, its excellent performance and contemporary good looks. They commissioned New Zealand Window Shades to manufacture additional Balance M blinds for a further 9 floors in the Deloitte Centre.

NZI Centre
Auckland, New Zealand

Affectionately dubbed the 'greenhouse', the stunning new award-winning NZI Centre on the corner of Fanshawe and Pakenham Streets in Auckland's Viaduct is not just a pretty facade. Behind its double and triple glazed exterior is a highly innovative building incorporating a multitude of sustainable construction features that have earned it the first 5 Green Star commercial building rating in New Zealand.

Newcrest Developments appointed Jasmax Architects to fulfill the client's objective to construct a truly environmentally sustainable workspace for a staff of around 600. The structure's five facades each had their own specific solar/thermal conditions to address. In addition to the high performance unitised glazing system, Newcrest contracted New Zealand Window Shades to produce a range of sophisticated solar blinds for the northern twin skin facade and building's west and southern facades.

The building's northern facade features Horiso External Venetians. These robust blinds are a particularly effective solution for solar control, reflecting light and heat before it can penetrate the building's interior, maximising the energy savings. For the building's west and southern facades, Silverscreen Sunscreen Rollershades were selected for their proven thermal efficiency and certified environmentally sustainable qualities. Silverscreen features a thin layer of aluminium applied by a vacuum process which maintains an open weave for clear visibility whilst reflecting 75% of the sun's radiation.

All the blinds installed in the state-of-the-art NZI Centre operate on a fully automated sensor controlled system with preset stops, sun tracking and programmed scheduling to optimise the comfort of the building's inhabitants all year round.

Hilton Terraces Hotel
Taupo, New Zealand

When Carmody Group, a specialist hotel interior fit out company, required a high-end solution for the windows in selected designer suites at the new Hilton Terraces Hotel in Taupo, they contracted New Zealand Window Shades to create an attractive lasting result.

In keeping with the Hotel's overall design aesthetic, classic wood style Venetian Blinds were the preferred option, creating a cosy, inviting ambience for the rooms.

WOODMATES poly-composite 50mm Venetians Blinds were selected not just for their visual appeal, but also for their durability. They look identical to high gloss wood, but they're much tougher and able withstand the rigours of hotel life where daily wear and tear is a constant factor associated with high occupancy levels. Unlike wood though, the robust WOODMATES Venetian Blind range is designed to resist damage from chipping, peeling and cracking. They're impervious to water and harsh UV sunlight so they won't bow or loose their shape, and they've been tested to withstand fading or discolouration for up to 7 years. The WOODMATES range is available in 8 colours and they all come with the added assurance of a 2 year Commercial Warranty.

WOODMATES Venetian Blinds are a long life, low maintenance solution that will ensure they'll still be in pristine condition for the Hotel's guests for many years to come.

Old High Court Building
Wellington, New Zealand
Old High Court, Wellington, New Zealand

Built in the 1860's, the Old High Court Building on Stout Street in central Wellington is listed as a building of Heritage Significance. So when it recently underwent extensive refurbishments, great attention was paid to safeguarding this historic structure's original design integrity.

In accordance with precise guidelines from the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and the Wellington City Council's Manager of Urban Design Policy, all materials and finishes were colour matched and restored to as close to the original specifications as possible. Where modifications were required, they had to be completely unobtrusive.

New Zealand Window Shades were contracted to produce all the blinds for the building and its courtrooms to these exacting specifications. They were all made from a subtle translucent fabric specially sourced for this project and not currently available in our range. Spring roll up Holland blinds were created for the building's two levels. Gold ring pulls accentuated the plain pocket style blinds and all brackets were powder-coated and painted to perfectly match the paint colour on the window reveals. In keeping with the period, the pocket battens were made of Victorian Ash.

Motorised roller blinds were a modern solution to address the high windows in Courtroom No. 2 which were 5 metres above floor level. As with these blinds, all the control mechanisms for the blinds installed throughout the Old High Court were entirely concealed so they wouldn't detract from this majestic old building's historic authenticity.

Buddle Findlay
Wellington, New Zealand

There's an old expression that the law is blind. As this case study illustrates, the law also needs blinds – window blinds. When leading New Zealand law firm Buddle Findlay were fitting out their new office space in Wellington, their architects, CPG, contracted New Zealand Window Shades to create a stylish, functional solution delivering comfort and privacy for the firm's legal team and their clients.

With extremely large window expanses throughout the 3 levels of their central city office space, Sunscreen Rollershade and Blackout blinds using extra-wide fabrics were custom-made to meet the project's specifications. In total, 108 blinds were installed.

The advantage of Sunscreen Rollershades is their ability to give employees the best of both worlds – they maintain all the benefits of natural light and a clear view to the outside world, while greatly reducing the negative effects associated with harsh direct sunlight. The innovative glass fibre fabrics used in the Sunscreens effectively filters the daylight to create a balanced shaded ambience inside. This natural lighting effect is soothing to the eyes, it evens out the overall levels of light and reduces bright hot spots, so the need for artificial light sources is reduced. Employee comfort is further enhanced by reflecting as much as 94% of its harmful UV radiation and by reducing the heat from the sun. This cuts down on the need for costly air conditioning, establishing a more user-friendly and eco-friendly working environment.

Buddle Findlay's new Sunscreen Rollershades and Blackout blinds will also provide excellent privacy for their staff who are no strangers to working all hours of the day and night.

Vogel Centre
Wellington, New Zealand
Vogel Centre, Wellington, New Zealand

When the Ministry of Justice moved into new and refurbished offices linked to the existing Vogel building via a central atrium, they were able to consolidate approximately 900 staff members and many of their services all within one development.

The Ministry was fully involved with all aspects of the fit out and appointed New Zealand Window Shades to create window solutions to meet their specific requirements. Glare from the sun reflecting off the windows of adjacent buildings and the angle of the sun in winter were key considerations.

These factors influenced the selection of Sunscreen rollershades for the project. Sunlight outside can vary in strength from 100,000 lux to 10,000 lux, but inside we typically require consistent light levels of around 300-500 lux to perform most tasks comfortably. The specialised weave of Sunscreen fabrics transmits a uniform, balanced level of filtered natural light into the work space, greatly reducing the incidence of bright high-contrast glare which is common cause of work-related eye strain. Employees can still enjoy a clear view of the world outside through the Sunscreen's open weave, while the blinds create a high level of privacy from people looking in from the outside.

Sunscreens deliver all the health benefits associated with natural light which effects our body clocks and colour recognition function within the brain, but they screen out the negative effects by minimising the sun's glare, heat and UV radiation.

Villa Maria Winery
Auckland, New Zealand
Villa Maria Winery, Auckland, New Zealand

Villa Maria, New Zealand's most awarded wine-maker, recently upgraded their conference centre facility in Mangere, Auckland with the help of New Zealand Window Shades and the addition of sophisticated Motorised Verosol Pleated Blinds.

The project brief called for an automated solution to control the levels of sunlight and heat associated with the facility's 8 metre high skylights – critically important factors contributing to the venue's suitability for wide variety of conference centre uses.

Verosol Pleated Blinds delivered the best solution. The fabric itself has unique thermal-dynamic properties as it's backed by a thin layer aluminium which reflects solar energy and heat in summer and insulates against heat loss in winter. The fabric is flame retardant, available in 9 colours and a variety of weaves ranging from transparent, to semi-transparent, to a complete blackout option – ideal for when audio/visual equipment is in use.

Verosol Pleated Blinds have the advantage of being able to be installed horizontally making them ideal for skylight applications. Given the height and scale of Villa Maria's conference centre, motorised operation of the blinds provided simple, one-touch automation via remote control from anywhere within the venue.

Waitakere Civic Centre
Auckland, New Zealand
Waitakere Civic Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

Working in tandem with the architectural firm Architectus, New Zealand Window Shades was contracted to fit out five office levels of the new Waitakere Civic Centre with a total of 500 Sunscreen rollershade blinds, plus Sunscreen and Blackout blinds for the Centre's Auditorium.

In any well designed workspace, the comfort of the staff is essential to ensure a positive, productive workforce. Natural light plays an important role with its mood enhancing qualities, but with large expanses of windows like in the Waitakere Civic Centre, a comfortable balance between sunlight and shade needs to be met.

The decision to use Landscape Anthracite Sunscreens throughout the office levels achieved that balance by allowing ample natural daylight in while filtering it to create an even shading effect. By diffusing the light, Sunscreens eliminate areas of harsh high-contrast and glare – a significant cause of eye strain. Damaging UV radiation is greatly reduced by reflecting up to 94% of the harmful rays – harmful to humans and furnishings alike. Sunscreens also contribute to reducing the need for expensive air conditioning. Sunscreens rollershades offer these key workspace benefits whilst maintaining a healthy visual connection to the outside world for the occupants.

The addition of motorised Sunscreen and Blackout blinds in the Civic Centre's Auditorium contributes to the facility's functionality by allowing for the instant and effortless transformation of the venue's natural lighting levels from daylight to darkness at the touch of a button.

Chews Lane Apartments
Wellington, New Zealand
CHews Lane Apartments, Wellington, New Zealand

The Chews Lane Precinct and Apartment development in the heart of Wellington's CBD is at the cutting edge of sophisticated inner city living. This exciting new landmark building has been designed by the award-winning team at Athfield Architects – the creative genius behind other notable buildings in the capital like the Wellington City Library. The developer is Willis Bond, the principal contractor is LT McGuiness.

The project design brief specified that the building maintained an uncluttered, neat, consistent visual appearance when viewed from the outside. The client did not want an assortment of different curtains and blinds detracting from the building's sleek external appeal.

Working closely with the architectural team, New Zealand Window Shades suggested the clean contemporary look of Sunscreen Rollershades which were then chosen for the fit-out of the complex's first showcase apartment. Aesthetically, Sunscreen Rollershades have a smart low-profile design, plus they deliver a host of benefits with their light-diffusing characteristics. By filtering the sunlight through the weave of their specialised fabric, they create a natural, restful interior ambience in the living rooms. The unique properties of the Sunscreen fabrics significantly reduce the sun's heat, the damaging effects of UV radiation and bright glare spots whilst maintaining clear views of the wonderful Wellington city vistas outside. Blockout Rollershades provided complete privacy for the bedrooms.

Impressed by their understated good looks, durability and performance, Rollershades have subsequently been installed throughout Chews Lane's 11 floors in 60 of the apartments purchased to date.

Hotel SO
Christchurch, New Zealand

When Christchurch's hip, super-stylish Hotel So needed chic, contemporary blackout solutions for accommodation suites on five of its floors and for their busy boardroom, their architects, Living Space, sought the expertise of New Zealand Window Shades.

When a total block out of light is required, the superior option on the market today is the Cassette Headbox and Side Guide system. This design excludes any light seepage from the tops and sides of the blinds by integrating them within sealed side guide channels and inside a slim headbox enclosure which conceals the the roller and chain mechanism.

The operation of this type of blind can be motorised, and given Hotel So's attention to guest comfort and emphasis on modern amenities, this was their preferred option. Unlike other similar motorised products currently available, the advantage of the Cassette Headbox and Side Guide system from New Zealand Window Shades is the increased functionality it offers – where other products provide basic up and down operation, our motorised system has a start/stop function so the blinds can be adjusted to any desired level.

The Cassette Headbox and Side Guide system delivers a light-tight solution making it ideal for boardrooms where A/V equipment is used, for home theatres,Schools, or anywhere where complete privacy is required.

Portofino Restaurant
Auckland, New Zealand
Portofino Restaurant, Mission Bay, Auckland

Skylights accentuate the light, airy feel of the Portofino Restaurant located at Auckland's Mission Bay.

Specially pleated blinds add a simple aesthetic that provides optimum function, especially in terms of light and temperature. The fully retractable pleated blinds diffuse overhead light and reflect up to 63% of the sun's radiation, helping to ensure the restaurant is cool in summer and warm in winter.

As well as offering an even spread of light, these pleated blinds from New Zealand Window Shades are UV resistant and will not stretch or shrink.

The blinds are manufactured using aluminium backed fabric with an anti-static coating and feature heat and chemically sealed edges. Their opaque silver metallic colour and simple style complements the clean lines and contemporary look of the restaurant.

HSBC Tower
Wellington, New Zealand
HSBC Tower, Wellington, New Zealand

Windows are a prized asset in any office for the feeling of openness and natural light they provide. But with bright sunlight comes the negatives of damaging UV rays and glare.

The solution for the HSBC Tower, located in central Wellington, was LUXAFLEX sunscreen rollershades. Featuring new generation fabrics sunscreen rollershades are designed for maximum enjoyment of natural light while providing protection from harsh glare and harmful radiation.

Installed on thirteen floors of the HSBC Tower LUXAFLEX sunscreen rollershades provide that protection without sacrificing the splendid views of the Wellington harbour. The blinds also offer privacy in a high density city centre. Available in a range of colours with matching chain control LUXAFLEX sunscreen rollershades are fitted into a recessed channel to allow the blinds to be raised and almost totally concealed.

Royal and Sun Alliance Building
Auckland, New Zealand
Royal and Sun Alliance Building

To create a comfortable working environment for the employees of Royal & Sun Alliance, the interior designers, Brighouse Interiors specified LUXAFLEX suncreen rollershades to cover the expanse of windows, so much a feature of the new Royal & Sun Alliance Centre.

The new generation sunscreen fabrics effectively reflect heat, reduce glare and provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Ideal for offices where people spend extended periods working on computers, LUXAFLEX suncreen rollershades help maintain a comfortable temperature, control light and inhibit sun damage to fabrics and furnishings. Operated by a simple chain control system they are extremely easy to adjust to any desired position. A major advantage with this choice of window covering was that LUXAFLEX suncreen rollershades offer excellent visibility to the views outside even when the blinds are fully lowered.

PWC Tower
Auckland, New Zealand
PWC Tower

Window coverings affect the aesthetics of a building, inside and out. For the Price Waterhouse Coopers Tower the brief was to provide blinds on the perimeter windows while maintaining a charcoal look to the exterior of the building. A lighter shade was required for the inside to fit in with the interior design.

Providing both sunscreen and blockout rollershades satisfied the aesthetic and functional requirements. Sunscreen rollershades fulfilled the need for natural light and protection from glare, heat and UV rays while still enabling the impressive views to be enjoyed. In seminar and meeting rooms a block out fabric was used in combination with the sunscreen fabric to provide total shading as required for audio visual presentations and for privacy. The position of the blinds can be adjusted automatically by remote control.