New Zealand Window Shades
Deloitte Centre's Many Shades of Green
Posted:03 May 2010
The 21 level, 100 metre tall Deloitte Centre in the heart of Auckland City is a towering achievement. This milestone development is the first environmentally sustainable high rise structure in New Zealand to gain a 5 Green Star rating.
The building's forward-thinking design and construction incorporates a wealth of eco-friendly initiatives helping it to achieve impressive energy savings and to significantly reduce its water usage. Workers within the complex are even encouraged to cycle and walk to work with the provision of ample showering and changing facilities.
With our specialised knowledge of “green” window solutions and our extensive range of non-toxic, recyclable, energy-efficient screens and blinds, New Zealand Window Shades is delighted to have contributed to the Deloitte Centre's sustainable vision for the future.
You can find out more about our involvement on this development beginning with our initial fit out of the BNZ's offices and the subsequent fit out of a further 9 floors in the building in our Commercial Division.
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